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"They will bond, an unbreakable bond, and together they will unite and restore everything to how it should be."

So the words of the long ago prophecy haunt Erann as his bond with Greeneyes is broken and the people of Unison are plunged further into peril with the unwelcome return of the Long Night.


Greeneyes; lost to the perils of the fissure.

Erann: marooned alone outside the resurgent shield.

Sereh; healed but damaged.

Ramon; with the weight of his people's survival on his shoulders.

Aras; looking to find herself.

Rankil; preparing to take a chance.

The Librarian; exploiting the secrets of Unison.

There is still much to lose and much to gain for the people and dragons of Unison.


Coming soon - Silver (Book 6) Watch this space